Contemporary singer/songwriter Ainsley Elisa is a blend of deep and meaningful heartfelt lyrics with a splash of modern pop production. “To be able to share my music with a wider audience is about inspiring people and if my song can make one persons day better then it is all worthwhile to me” Elisa says. Having turned 17 in March 2018, this teenager certainly does an incredible job at balancing the expectations of writing and recording cutting edge pop music while keeping her grades where they need to be in order to graduate high school. 

“For me, it has never been about being the cool kid at school who plays music. I try to be the voice of the kid who is being bullied, or the one who suffers from anxiety, or the boy who’s parents are going through a separation. Loneliness can be a very dark place so knowing that somebody is listening can be everything” Elisa explains. Ainsley has been very fortunate to be able to use her music as an outlet when she is going through hard times although by her own admission the hard times of a 17 year old include trying to date the boy who doesn’t like you, or the boy who feels like they can pick you up and drop you whenever they feel like it which is more so detailed in the music of her forthcoming EP. 

Working with multi platinum and JUNO award winning producer and songwriter Ryan Stewart who is better known for his work with Carly Rae Jepsen, Hedley, Victoria Duffield, and Tyler Shaw. Ainsley is both excited and nervous for the release of her first single ‘Kissing Tree’ which was penned by Ryan Stewart, Laurell Barker and Jocelyn Alice who achieved success with her 2014 smash hit “Jackpot”. “This new music is a very different direction to what I grew up playing on my guitar and piano although it is definitely where I feel most happy knowing that the music I am sharing with the world is an accurate representation of me as an angsty teenager who also happens to be an artist”. Elisa says. With major labels already asking questions about Ainsley Elisa, there is no doubt that the future is looking very bright for this young artist. First, to study hard and keep those grades where they need to be.