The story repeats of a small town girl trying to make her mark. For Ainsley Elisa though, the story goes a little differently. From Vancouver to Toronto, Miami to Singapore, Nashville to Germany, Ainsley Elisa is making her mark. At only 19 years old, it has become this young rising star’s goal to tell her stories through the songs that people all over the world join in singing along. 

Her debut single Kissing Tree; penned by Jocelyn Alice , Ryan Stewart, and Laurell , turned heads as it reached over 100,000 streams independently. A buzz accumulating, Ainsley went on to be the youngest Canadian to showcase in Singapore’s annual Music Matters Showcase in September 2018. Being a three time finalist in CBC Music’s Searchlight, co-writing with names all over the world, this Canadian began making her name heard in the music industry. 

In Spring of 2020, Ainsley Elisa released her first follow up single two years Lightning in a Thunderstorm. Supporters around the world loved it, and with their love she released her first debut EP These Songs Were For You with the help of the Factor Canada grant. The EP was created with the help of producers Ryan Stewart and Josh Gwilliam. 

With a colourful and distinct voice, lyrics that turn heads, and emotions that can be felt through every word and note, Ainsley Elisa is an artist you wouldn’t expect from just another small town.