The Story of Kissing Tree (This one is a gooder)

Oh boy! Where to begin? So my new single Kissing Tree is available across all platforms on August 3rd 2018 but the story of how this song came to be is really something quite unique. This song was written by Jocelyn Alice (Jackpot, Bound to You, Still Wondering) Ryan Stewart, and Laurell Barker (who I still haven't met to thank her personally) but anyways.... This song was put together by all of the above mentioned names, so you are probably wondering how it came to be my song, right? 

In a cliché - a friend of a friend of a friend - kinda way, my manager happened to be friends with the manager of Jocelyn Alice and how they came to be friends is another story entirely. Jocelyn's manager heard one of my songs and remembered a song that was written a while back that he thought might sound good if I performed it so he sent it to my manager who played it for me and I instantly fell in love!! A HAPPY SONG ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP!! It is bright, it is happy, it is fun, it is me! Naturally I had to demo the song so during soundcheck at one of my shows, we set up a little vocal booth on the stage and I cut two vocal takes which we sent to Ryan who then mixed them in to the demo track and surprisingly all of the writers agreed that it sounded good and were happy for me to sing it and this is where things really changed forever. 

Things changed because I then began to grow in to the song, it was very different to anything I have done before but it felt so right! My own writing began to change, my social media posts began to change, my outfits began to change and I started to find a new identity as an artist. Kissing Tree has opened a lot of doors and conversations and helped me get to visit a lot of radio stations. It has helped me get a 3 day writing session with Jocelyn Alice and Ryan Stewart where we have written some more songs for my EP and things are just generally awesome right now! I am 17 and headed in to my final year at school but I am performing in Singapore in September and my song is about to get some radio play!! 

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